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Radhika & Arpit I Indian Wedding I Land’s End I Part 3

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Land’s End in Sayville is a lovely venue for a wedding. It’s always fun to photograph a new place. It was a beautiful clear blue sky day when I first saw the place in late afternoon light. I hadn’t realized the Fire Island ferries go past there all day long and it was fun to watch the boats. Indian weddings rarely take place on beaches simply because it’s not the easiest thing to accommodate 300 plus guests. It was a very hot July 4th holiday weekend out on Long Island. Family and friends took cover under sunny yellow parasols at the auspicious wedding hour (determined by the priest) of noon to enjoy the ceremony and got the added bonus of a flyby…a surprise from the bride’s father for the couple.

indian wedding photography

indian wedding land's end

indian wedding photographer

indian wedding land's end

indian wedding photographer

indian wedding photographer

indian wedding photographer

indian wedding photographer

indian wedding photographer

indian wedding photographer

indian wedding photographer

indian wedding land's end

indian wedding photographer

indian wedding land's end

Venue: Land’s End, Sayville, NY

Caterer: Bukhara Grill 

Decorator: Aakriti

Videographer: Devindra Ramdehal

Hair: Archita Upadhaya

Makeup: Alana Guy


Heather & Mathew I Old Stone House I Brooklyn wedding portraits

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Yes, parts of Brooklyn can look like the countryside. This particularly idyllic scene was smack in the middle of a city playground. Heather and Mathew were married at a small, intimate ceremony at the Stone Park Cafe in Park Slope and we had this great location just across the street.

Brooklyn Wedding Portraits Old Stone House

Brooklyn Wedding Portraits Old Stone House

Brooklyn Wedding Portraits Old Stone House

2010 WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

For the second year in a row Radhika Photography has received a Bride’s Choice Award from WeddingWire. The award recognizes excellence in quality and service in the wedding industry and is given out only to the top 5% off all wedding professionals. Since this is all about what newlyweds think about our photography and the services it means a great deal. I’m grateful that I had such great weddings last year and got to know so many fun people through them AND that many of you were willing to write out Radhika Photography. There’s nothing better than great reviews from the people we’ve worked for and with!


Lara & Mike, Lincoln Center portraits

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Lara and Mike’s wedding December 5th in New York City encountered the first real winter weather of the season which posed a few challenges for the day. Lara’s concession to the wet, slushy weather was to trade her high heels for yellow galoshes for our outdoor portrait session at Lincoln Center. We decided to go ahead with the outdoor shoot despite the ‘interesting’ conditions. What we didn’t count on was a rather eager and unromantic rentacop who decided that my camera looked ‘professional’ therefore I shouldn’t be taking photos without a permit. Never mind that the real police congratulated the couple and just reminded us that as long as we weren’t using a tripod we were ok to do what we liked. I decided that since we had a reception downtown in Greenwich Village in less than 40 minutes that we didn’t have time to try talk to the supervisor and I’d just ignore the security guy and go for the shots we wanted. Lara, Mike, and the bridal party with umbrellas in tow were all game and my assistant managed to keep my flash dry and lighting steady in windy weather in front of the fountain at Lincoln Center. All the while I was trying very hard to ignore the security guy yelling at me to stop taking photos and demanding my business card. We got some great shots very fast and we high-tailed it to the car before he got over his confusion and I got into more serious trouble. By the time we all got into the cars and headed downtown everyone was pretty jazzed by the fun of getting away with doing the photos. It made for a great story at the reception which the best man (Mike’s brother) dutifully told and retold and embellished along the way.  I think I won major points with the bridal party for getting the shots as planned. Too bad we didn’t get any photos of the security guard and the whole scene!

The number one lesson I’ve learned in my years as a photojournalist is keep going until you are absolutely forced to stop doing what you need to do to in order to get the photos.

04_lincoln center

02_lincoln center

01_lincoln center

03_lincoln center

Meghan & Oren

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

I felt I had to share the portraits from Meghan and Oren’s wedding as a separate post all on their own. The wedding photos will come later. I absolutely loved shooting at the Cloisters on this perfect Autumn day. Well, the light was perfect and the Fall foliage was at its best, but I’m sure Meghan and Oren would’ve loved for it to be a few degrees warmer. I kept telling them to pretend they were in the Caribbean. I’m not sure they were buying that when it was 50 degrees outside, but they got into the spirit of things and their feelings for each other came through loud and clear in the photographs. The kids spotting the kissing couple was a fun moment.

Location: The Cloisters and Fort Tryon Park, New York.








Marcella and Brendan, Photo Shoot Around New York

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Marcella and Brendan are from Hong Kong and will be getting married there next July. Since Brendan is studying at Columbia Business School they thought it would be fun to do their wedding portraits around New York City. I photographed their friends’ wedding last spring and Michelle had put Marcella in touch with me. I’m not sure they had any idea what they were getting in for….I think they now can appreciate the work that models do each day.  It was a long but fun day and we managed to get great shots in a variety of locations including Bow Bridge in Central Park and Fifth Avenue. The highlight of Marcella’s day may have been the burger at at the Central Park Boathouse though!

1746_new york_portraits

1251_new york_portraits

0173_new york portrait photography

1374_new york portrait photography

1204_new york_portraits

Michelle and Vineet, New York

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Ceremony & Reception: Ritz Carlton, Battery Park, New York

Michelle and Vineet didn’t let gray skies and rain get in the way of a fun-filled wedding. While I was photographing another wedding at a vineyard on Long Island my associate photographers spent the day with  them.

ritz carlton_5732lr

ritz carlton_5897lr

ritz carlton_0121lr

ritz carlton_6239lr

ritz carlton_0603lr






ritz carlton_7118lr


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