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Honeymoon wedding photos in Paris

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

This year started off with a “first” for me since I had an assignment in Paris to photograph a couple on their honeymoon.  Wedding photos on your honeymoon is slightly unusual.  Linda and Johnny contacted me the middle of last year about their plans to have a quiet wedding ceremony in Amsterdam (yes, they are Dutch) on December 31st which most of their friends and family didn’t know about.  They were then heading to Paris for their honeymoon and wanted to do their wedding portraits there.  Paris was in the middle of an extreme cold snap with temperatures at zero degrees celsius during the holiday week, but we were fortunate that the sun came out for the morning to help warm things up. What we didn’t count on was Linda and Johnny being something of a tourist attraction during the session. They ended up in countless tourists’ vacation photos and at one point had an Italian school group sing to them in the courtyard of the Louvre and mob them to congratulate them (see below).

To any bride getting married in the winter you might want to take note of Linda’s smart use of long johns under her wedding dress.

Locations: The Louvre, Pont Neuf, Eiffel Tower0004_paris_wedding_portraits

0412_paris wedding portraits




















Lara & Mike, Lincoln Center portraits

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Lara and Mike’s wedding December 5th in New York City encountered the first real winter weather of the season which posed a few challenges for the day. Lara’s concession to the wet, slushy weather was to trade her high heels for yellow galoshes for our outdoor portrait session at Lincoln Center. We decided to go ahead with the outdoor shoot despite the ‘interesting’ conditions. What we didn’t count on was a rather eager and unromantic rentacop who decided that my camera looked ‘professional’ therefore I shouldn’t be taking photos without a permit. Never mind that the real police congratulated the couple and just reminded us that as long as we weren’t using a tripod we were ok to do what we liked. I decided that since we had a reception downtown in Greenwich Village in less than 40 minutes that we didn’t have time to try talk to the supervisor and I’d just ignore the security guy and go for the shots we wanted. Lara, Mike, and the bridal party with umbrellas in tow were all game and my assistant managed to keep my flash dry and lighting steady in windy weather in front of the fountain at Lincoln Center. All the while I was trying very hard to ignore the security guy yelling at me to stop taking photos and demanding my business card. We got some great shots very fast and we high-tailed it to the car before he got over his confusion and I got into more serious trouble. By the time we all got into the cars and headed downtown everyone was pretty jazzed by the fun of getting away with doing the photos. It made for a great story at the reception which the best man (Mike’s brother) dutifully told and retold and embellished along the way.  I think I won major points with the bridal party for getting the shots as planned. Too bad we didn’t get any photos of the security guard and the whole scene!

The number one lesson I’ve learned in my years as a photojournalist is keep going until you are absolutely forced to stop doing what you need to do to in order to get the photos.

04_lincoln center

02_lincoln center

01_lincoln center

03_lincoln center

Meghan & Oren

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

I felt I had to share the portraits from Meghan and Oren’s wedding as a separate post all on their own. The wedding photos will come later. I absolutely loved shooting at the Cloisters on this perfect Autumn day. Well, the light was perfect and the Fall foliage was at its best, but I’m sure Meghan and Oren would’ve loved for it to be a few degrees warmer. I kept telling them to pretend they were in the Caribbean. I’m not sure they were buying that when it was 50 degrees outside, but they got into the spirit of things and their feelings for each other came through loud and clear in the photographs. The kids spotting the kissing couple was a fun moment.

Location: The Cloisters and Fort Tryon Park, New York.








Elona & Michael, Newark, NJ

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

One of Elona and Michael’s wedding guests described Elona as a little firecracker. She’s 5’2″ and definitely has a firecracker personality. Between her great sense of fun on her wedding day and the running jokes about Michael’s duct-taped finger due to a vegetable chopping accident the day before I found myself giggling through most of the day. I also had a blast doing their portraits at the Hoboken Train Station…our choice in case of rain and boy, did it pour. The only drama of the day was a missing rabbi, but the couple handled it all in stride and with the help of a great maid of honor and best man managed to find a replacement rabbi (on a Saturday no less) who performed the ceremony as if he’d known the couple for a long time. I was super impressed.

Getting Ready: Hilton Hotel

Ceremony: The Newark Club














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