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Radhika and Arpit I Engagement Portraits I Crystal Cove Beach, California

Thursday, December 13th, 2012


There’s no end to the confusion in working with a bride with the same name. When we were planning this shoot in California I was waiting for an email reply and it turned out that Arpit had sent it to the wrong Radhika…his fiance instead of me. We have the same nickname too so no help there.

Although, like many photographers, I have my favorite portrait locations it was fun to have the chance to explore some place new on the West Coast. Sunny California wasn’t so sunny, but we lucked out half way through the shoot when the sun peaked out for a bit. That perfectly coincided with a change of outfits from formal to jeans and together that combination made the magic happen. You never know what will make things click (no pun intended) that turns a good photoshoot into one with really cool, beautiful images, but when it happens it’s very exciting….jump up and down exciting. What can I say. I’m a sucker for what mother nature does all on her own. Crystal Cove State Park is a beautiful location to photograph.  The photographs on the stairs were taken within minutes of the silhouette…just goes to show that what National Geographic photographer Sam Abell once told me is true…”when the light is shining and everyone is looking one way make sure you turn around and see what’s happening behind you.”

crystal cove beach portrait

crystal cove beach portraits

crystal cove beach engagement portrait
crystal cove beach portraits

crystal cove beach portrait
crystal cove beach portrait
crystal cove  beach portrait

Bernadette & Andrew, Central Park Portraits

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

I wish I’d been able talk Bernadette and Andrew into letting me photograph their city hall wedding.  They put a wonderful spin on the day by enjoying a ferry ride to Staten Island to the city hall there to make things more romantic.  Love is just as sweet the second time around….Bernadette said she’d found her soulmate in Andrew.

These are some of the portraits I did of them before their quiet, elegant dinner for friends at MOMA.  Only MOMA would come up with such a cool MODERN wedding cake…I just had to show it off.

central park engagement shoot


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