Rebecca & David’s wedding celebration, Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Rebecca and David brought their newborn daughter, 2-month-old Adelaide, with them to Brooklyn City Hall to get married the day before their wedding celebration at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.  Though the price seems to have gone up from $25 to $35 for a marriage license it definitely ranks as the most low-cost wedding ceremony I can think of.

David is a coffee guy and works for Intelligentsia.  The couple literally met over coffee in Seattle since Rebecca’s company was doing pr for a coffee company David worked for.  For their wedding not only did they have the wonderful food (check out the petite cocktail burgers!) at Blue Hill for their small, intimate celebration they had 3 world barista champions as guests and ended the night with a fun coffee service.

Everything was a lush and beautiful green for the celebration.  If you haven’t been to Blue Hill at Stone Barns it’s a working farm open to visitors.  Much of the incredible food comes from the farm itself. They raise chickens, cows, sheep and turkeys.  The lambs were just 3 weeks old. It’s a wonderful place to visit and, of course, a great place for a wedding celebration.

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4 Responses to “Rebecca & David’s wedding celebration, Blue Hill at Stone Barns”

  1. jay says:

    Congrats beauties! Lovely!

  2. What a spectacular wedding dinner it was. Lovely company and great wines. The bride and groom looked great too and I loved the way you surfed between the guests tables in order to have a course of the meal together with everyone. But I guess that comes naturally from such great hosts. The invitation was unexpected, but very much appreciated. Cecilie and I had a wonderful time. Thanks a million for letting us be part it and thank you for a great food experience too.
    Hope to see you soon again.

    Love the b&W picture of the 3 of you from the license office!

  3. Jesse Crouse says:

    What a beautiful event! All three of you look as stunning as the river is blue. Kristen and I wish you happiness, health, and love.

  4. Josh Geller says:

    Beautiful pictures of an amazing wedding! Thanks for sharing these.

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