New York Weddings Event coming up

I’ve been busy preparing for the NY Magazine’s Weddings Event is coming up April 7th. Last year I went just to check things out and there was such a great vibe and so many wonderful vendors. If you’re planning a wedding this is a cool event to go to to get ideas, talking different vendors all under one roof or take a relaxed approach, collect info to sort through later and enjoy the food and drinks.  It’s like a very jazzed up cocktail party. Get your tickets early though because there were over 700 people attending last year. If you attend wear comfortable shoes and please stop by and say hello. There will be munchies at my table and and a raffle. Plus you’ll get to meet my sister (with a very funny story about how the MOH (me) had to fill in on photo duties at her wedding) and Leanne (one of the brides I got to know last year who is a lot of a fun to hang out with).


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